Guffey and Peyton have a disagreement over a certain piece of blackmail.

The not so thrilling, thrilling conclusion to Puntober 2012! If you missed any of this year or the past 3 years of Puntober head over

Next up is our Annual Hanks-giving Special sometime in November!

Exposition is pointless at this point in the month, right?

Nick and Ethan see who can throw a rock the furtherest.

I don’t know what this is.

Tyler gets a new car but has questionable taste.

Tyler is running, from sanity.

Our (Not) Hero (shouldn’t have) returns!

Tyler finds a way to earn some money but the opportunity doesn’t strike the other guys as viable.

Tensions mount as references are made.

The Medium resurfaces when the guys need help with a spirit.

Tyler comes clean about living with Andy.

Tyler takes Ethan out to find a date. Blame the shakiness on Henry County.

Ethan and Tyler raise some concern with objects in their adult cereal. 

Tyler has some issues with Ethan and the words he chooses to use.