Guffey and Peyton have a disagreement over a certain piece of blackmail.

Puntober 2012: Review, Opinions, and Thank You’s


Puntober 2012 wrapped up a few days ago and I’m still stuck in that weird limbo where I feel like I should still be posting at 7 every night. We somehow managed to skirt our way through another month’s worth of goofy videos. Something to look back and be somewhat proud of, at the very least. 

We set out this year to create a season of Puntober that would be a “cinematic experience.” We had plans, ideas, and high hopes as to what we could, and wanted to accomplish. We even held a Kickstarter drive to promote and raise money for the 2012 season. 

To be completely honest, I feel like we let you, the viewer, down. We promised quite a bit in what we were planning. Conflicting schedules, distance between us, and maybe even lack of effort seemed to combine and force us to change our plot and plans more time then I can count. No one is to blame for any of this but myself, I suppose. I could have pushed more, recruited actual actors, figured out our issues back during the summer instead of when they cropped up. So I would like to apologize for not delivering on what we are capable of producing.

That said I don’t want to apologize for what we ended up with. I am proud that we managed to post 31 brand new comedy shorts in the month of October. At it’s most basic, that’s what Puntober is: Thirty-one days of goofy comedy and some off beat jokes created by a group of friends to make others laugh. I feel we accomplished that. 

I would like thank anyone who has seen at least one of our videos, who keep up when they can, those who have been with us for the past 4 years, and especially anyone who has helped with any part of our production.


  • Tyler Guffey - You were with me every step of the way. Being a positive influence while filming, giving up so much time, and being an awesome writing partner for not only this season but the past 3 AND 12 Days. You are the backbone of Seahorse and an amazing person to boot.
  • Peyton Rodeffer - For being a sounding board all season and sending any idea you had our way. Even being in Tennessee now, you managed to get your shirt off in at least one short. 
  • Isaac Carr - You worked harder then anyone during the first few months with your scripts and especially during production. You managed to put in a tremendous amount of work right before you started law school. I don’t know how you do it. 
  • Andy Catron - For giving us what time you could to openly mock and yell at you on camera. You’ve always been one to count on when we need to do any work.
  • Dale Clapp - You jumped in for our final episode this year and helped us have some notion of a plot, all while acting the pants off of us. You’ve always supported, played, and been apart of our Seahorse family from the beginning. 
  • Justin Kundert - Thanks for supporting us in every way possible and whenever I needed another rational human being to talk to, for being that voice.
  • Ben Kolodzinski - Supporting us by always being game for whatever we bring your way. 
  • Jim Gedda & Kara Meyer - During the season you both contacted me regularly to say you enjoyed an episode or to re-count a section you loved. Thank you for the moral boosts during this season, you have no idea how much that means.
  • The Settled (Peyton & Kara) - Thanks for letting us use your music all season long, I suppose it’s pretty okay.
  • To Anyone I Forgot - I’m sorry but there are just so many people who helped with this year and the past 2 seasons before this!

Thank you again to anyone who has ever watched any of our videos. We do this to create some laughter and light-heartedness in the world. 

         ~  Ethan Palm (The Blonde One)

P.S. I have not cut my hair since the first Puntober, in October of 2010. Time for a haircut?! 

The Medium resurfaces when the guys need help with a spirit.

Tyler has some life issues.

Here we go again!

Oh dear god. The non-sense begins October 1st! 

Isaac and Tyler try to sell their new invention to an investor, Ethan.

5 Days left for our Kickstarter Drive! We’re nearly there, any amount helps!

Isaac and Tyler meet on a lonely road.

We’ve only got a few days left for our Puntober 2012 Kickstarter Drive! If you’re not sure what we do, check out this video and then head over to the Kickstarter page to donate and help produce our annual comedy webseries!

We at Seahorse Studios love to bring you entertainment of some quality, with that in mind we have started a Kickstarter page to fund our “Puntober 2012” production! We are only asking for $400 within the one month time limit! Let’s make this Puntober one we all help create!

Where Isaac makes fun of every president and I make fun of him.

Tyler Guffey: Renaissance Man Outtakes. What a fun character / real person.

Tyler wants to go to bed but the team won’t let him. 

The team doesn’t have to search very hard for Andy’s killer in the Finale of Pun-tober 2011!!!!!