The crew finds some money but reacts in a weird way.

Tyler has some life issues.

Oh dear god. The non-sense begins October 1st! 

Isaac and Tyler try to sell their new invention to an investor, Ethan.

Puntober 2012 Production Blog #1
We have officially started our production for Puntober 2012! A few weekends ago we were able to meet up at our location, an apartment that was left a mess by the previous tenants. We were fortunate enough to be told by the landlord that if we cleaned the place up and got rid of the furniture inside, we could use the location to film for free! We really lucked out in gaining a location with as much space as this apartment has. IMG-20120610-00720 IMG-20120610-00723 We shot our first scene for the season. The scene took place pretty much entirely inside of the “company” van. We cut together a little behind-the-scenes footage to keep you in the loop and have some fun along the way with us!

Puntober 2012: Behind the Scenes #1 from Seahorse Studios on Vimeo.

We’ll keep you updated as we move along towards October with updates, videos, and more pictures! It’s such an exciting time for us here at Seahorse Studios!

We’ve only got a few days left for our Puntober 2012 Kickstarter Drive! If you’re not sure what we do, check out this video and then head over to the Kickstarter page to donate and help produce our annual comedy webseries!

We at Seahorse Studios love to bring you entertainment of some quality, with that in mind we have started a Kickstarter page to fund our “Puntober 2012” production! We are only asking for $400 within the one month time limit! Let’s make this Puntober one we all help create!

"Planes" by Wilderness Alive

October is way aways (Yellowcard?) but here’s something to tie you over. Plus regular content is on the way to keep you entertained until those October Nights (Yellowcard Again!)!

Also, there was this mess. 

Recently we took Tyler Guffey: Renaissance Man out into Chicago. This is some of what we ended up with.

Tyler Guffey: Renaissance Man’s morning routine. Promo from last week’s show at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN.

Tyler Guffey, Renaissance Man, informs us about an upcoming show in Muncie, IN

Come see our band (Wilderness Alive) play this Saturday at Be Here Now!!!!